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Ad Olam

Ad Olam is a tour company ran by Yoel and Tikvah Berkowitz. On this site you will find all the resources offered by Ad Olam, from Virtual tours to video and audio teachings and content. 

Ad Olam Tours offers its clients a superior selection of choices in seeing and experiencing the Land of Israel.


Ad Olam in Hebrew means “Eternity”.  We invite you to come and join us to begin your discovery and exploration of the Land and the Word

Genesis 13:14-17 “Lift up your eyes and see the North, South, East, West..

Walk through the length and breadth of the land for I am giving it to you.”

A promise was given to Abraham by instructing him to “see” and “walk” through the Land.  Ad Olam tours enables participants to see and walk the Land of Israel through the eyes of professional Jewish guides who will help you see and walk the Land with an understanding of its rich inheritance and therefore, help to grasp the eternal promise made by the God of Israel.

Ad Olam has worked hard to establish a wonderful rapport with a network of insiders throughout the land of Israel. You will find our tours help to open up your understanding of the Land in ways you may not have imagined. We listen, pay attention and care for the needs of our participants. It is our joy to see people enriched by, and delight in seeing and walking the Land of Israel with us.

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