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Virtual tour

These Virtual Tours have ended. But soon we will be launching more!



Memorial hall

Independance hall.jpeg

We start at the roof-top outlook of David’s Palace, then we descend to observe the walls of the city and talk about the difficult life in the city at the point of the Babylonian destruction. We even find an ancient toilet that reveals to us some shocking details Price £30 / $36

Explore the challenge and expression of faith from King Hezakaiah’s choices, Isaiah’s celebration of Salvation, and Yeshua healing a blind man. Conclude at the start of the great “Pilgrimage Road” ascending to the Temple Mount Price £30 / $36

Tour of the prominent entry. We explore the southern steps of Temple Mount to discuss the Spiritual Ascension to the House of the Lord, and why the Shavu’ot event of Acts 2 and the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit took place up here. Price £30 / $36

Old Jaffa, “Gateway to Zion". Understanding the geo-political circumstances for Jonah’s flight from God via the Jaffa port, and the peculiar hungry vision given to Simon Peter on Simon the Tanner’s Jaffa rooftop. Price £30 / $36

Memorial to the founders of Tel Aviv and Hall of Independance. Were the founders of Israeli society godless or led by Biblical prophecy? Price £30 / $36

City of david.jpeg

City of david pt 1

pool of siloam.jpeg

city of david pt 2

Pool of Siloam

jerusalem archeological park.jpeg

Jerusalem archeological park


Temple Mount

temple mount.jpeg

Tour of Holy Precinct to understand the Jewish concept of the “foundation stone of all creation” and God ruling as king and righteous judge from the Holy of Holies providing liberty through justice for all the nations. Discuss the Christian and Muslim conflicts over the city as the centre for historical, geo-political conflict of religious empires. Price £30 / $36

Walk through Gethsemane garden grove of ancient olive trees, explain how olive trees were used for crucifixion, and oil production from which developed the concept of “Messiah” and thus Yeshua’s choice to yield to his Father’s will. Then how through Messiah’s work the wild olive shoots of the Gentiles would get grafted into the cultivated olive tree of Israel. Conclude with the appreciation of the Church of All Nations. Price £30 / $36




Jerusalem model

jerusalem model.jpeg

We visit the Jerusalem Museum to see model of 1st Century Jerusalem’s Golden Age, the city Yeshua knew and as it was on the eve of the Roman destruction. How to envision the city when reading the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles. Price £30 / $36


We ride out to Shiloh where the Tabernacle first stood for hundreds of years as the tribes of Israel settled Canaan. We discuss the “shadow-copy” concept and the centrality of sacrifice for the expression and power of worship. Price £30 / $36


Mount Gerazim; “Mount Blessing”. With an introduction to the Samaritan people and their ancient temple, destroyed and rebuilt as a Byzantine Church. We talk about Yeshua’s discussion with the Samaritan woman concerning “worshiping in spirit and in truth”.

From up here we also have a view of Mount Ebal, the city of Shechem between the two mountains and we'll discuss the Covenant renewal God instructed the tribes of Israel to first perform upon and between these two mountain upon the conquest of Canaan.

We finish with a view over modern Nablus (Shechem) under Palistinian Authority (Area A), and Palistinian refugee camp and discuss briefly the political circumstances and conflict. Price £30 / $36

mt gerazim

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