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The Garden Story

Devorah Berkowitz

Join Devorah as she teaches on the fundimental principles for life found in the first few chapters of the Bible. Learn about how nuances of translation can actually uncover a hidden gem of wisdom that functions as the interpretational backbone for all of the bible. You are encouraged to sit in truth at the end of each section by following the link to the meditation room where the concepts taught by Devorah can be grown in your mind. There were 2 venues for these talks during her trip to the UK in 2019. The Barn in Surrey sharing with a Torah community and Green Street Green Baptist Church sharing with a largely Christian audience. Both talks cover the same material but with a slightly different delivery for the different audience. There is also a sitting room for you to take time within at the end of each talk to reflect in your mind what you have heard and grow the mind Devorah talks about

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